Mark in action - trimming a female torso

Mark in action - trimming a female torso

Mark Andre Colbert

Mark grew up on the East Coast of the United States.

His life has always been engulfed in the creation and engineering of new things.  Studying Industrial Design was a natural entry into a world of invention, design and manufacturing of goods from consumer electronics to medical equipment.

Although product development and prototyping is his forte, he has a passion for shaping steel at his "METAL FARM" - a 2 century old farm located in the hills of Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.

Mark torches, bends, and welds metal into original works from candy dishes to wall sconces.  His illuminated pieces are sometimes activated by sound or motion; creating a fun, interactive experience.

Materials include rusted steel sheets, automotive exhaust piping, and thick plating.  By recycling this old, founded steel - he gives this new material new meaning - a new life, really.

Mark also creates a series of anatomical pieces with active illumination - he calls: "BIO-LECTRIC's".

" The finishing touch of a good coat of clear always brings a smile to my face...I hope someone enjoys this new, recycled life, as much as I did fabricating it?"

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